Friday, April 8, 2011

Curator of DC Style

DeVon is a cool guy who loves fashion and does a hip blog for the DC fashion elite. It's not really for the fashion elite but about the fashion elite. Sort of a, day in the life of his subjects. DeVon captures them on the street going to school, to work or just hanging out looking good. I met him at Ted's Bulletin on Capital Hill where he was having brunch. He came in wearing a nice light grey Calvin Klein suit and he had it hooked up. He looked especially tailored and very sophisticated. I immediately gave him my card. We ran into each other a few weeks later and we chatted about fashion and his blog. I told him I blogged and so on. He appreciated my style and loved the look. He wanted to shoot me for his blog. I said, sure, and this is him making me look good. I just happened to be wearing my favorite Eric Finn custom suit with the fushia lining.

Click on the link and check out his blog. If you're familiar with The Sartorialist blog you'll see some similarities. It's just harder to find the fashion elite in DC than Milan, NY or Paris.

Thanks DeVon for making me look good