Saturday, August 14, 2010

Whole Foods/

So we've decided to start a blog and what inspired me to do this was a visit to my local Whole Foods. I was standing in line the other day, day dreaming and looking at the pretty girls when I noticed a man standing in the line next to me in an ill fitting suit. I thought to myself did he really care about how he looked? The coat looked like a sack and the pants looked like a parachute. I was just curious so I asked him nicely where he had purchased his suit. He said that he got it at a local retailer, one of the shops that advertises every week, buy one get one kinda place. I asked him why he chose them and he said, well, my father shopped there. Now I love my dad and he was a pretty good dresser in his day but I wouldn't shop where he shopped if it didn't fit my personality or personal style. I started thinking don't we owe it to ourselves to look good when we go to work or even go anywhere. Is it really that difficult to take some time to be well dressed. A suit is not a uniform and shouldn't be treated that way. It's an expression of your personality. If you want to wear a uniform everyday you should have entered the military. Well dressed doesn't mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on clothing. What it does mean is your clothes should fit you properly. And that takes me back to the guy in Whole Foods. I'm just curious how the guy/gal at the local retailer he bought his suit from was dressed? When I have shopped for myself or for clients I always look for someone who looks like he spent some time on his wardrobe getting dressed in the morning.

Now I sell custom made clothes and I'm judged on how I look and how my clothes fit, I would never want one of my clients to walk out in an ill fitting suit. I take pride in the way I dress and how my clients look in an Eric Finn suit as should everyone. I'm not saying you have to buy custom clothing to get a good fitting suit. Off the rack suits can fit properly with a little attention to detail and alterations.


Suit coat:
The coat should fit on the shoulder and not extend out over the arm. Sleeves should finish at the break of the wrist to show about a quarter inch of shirt cuff. The length of the coat should cover your seat and the sides of the suit should be a bit tapered to show your sillouette. A 2 button suit is a classic and usually looks good on most body types.

A suit pant is not a pair of jeans and are to be worn on your waist not your hips. They should be a tailored fit, not a parachute looking for the next gust of wind to bring you to a gentle landing. You can wear pleated or plain front but they should fit you properly. Not all men look good in pleats so try on a few before you decide what looks good. Some retailers offer seperates that have both styles.The seat should be altered to fit your bum and the length should have a slight break at the very least, no high waters, most of us aren't Thom Browne and we should keep it that way.

Now these are just some basics that should keep you from looking like the guy at the Whole Foods.

I don't want to use our blog to sell you on why you need custom clothing. I want it to be a place to find informative info on clothing, how to dress and what is going on in fashion. If you have questions about what to wear or how to wear it don't hesitate to contact us. There is never a dumb question.

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