Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Hip to be Square

Huey Lewis was right, it is hip to be square. Everyday when getting ready for work I spend a few extra seconds finding the right pocket square to finish off my ensemble. What it says about me is that I actually took the time to think about how I look. An unexpected pop of color to personalize my style.
 I always choose something that is interesting with a pattern, for me never a solid unless it's white.

Pocket squares come in all colors, patterns and solids. They also come in all kinds of fabrics. I usually choose something in cotton or linen with a plaid or check pattern. I love to mix patterns and textures. To pull off a pocket square you want to pick one or a  few colors that are in your coat or tie and match or contrast them. NEVER, NEVER wear a pocket square that exactly matches your tie. That is definately a rookie mistake. The other day I wore a brown corduroy suit with a purple pattern shirt, brown pattern tie and a lime green and purple plaid pocket square. Why lime green you ask, cause it was perfection.

There are many ways to fold a square and the easiest is the "flat" fold (see below) When choosing a square you want it to look like you didn't have to think about it. You wear it with confidence and splendor.

The "Flat" Pocket Square Fold 

The flat fold is also by many called the "Presidential" fold. It is one of the most classic, and also one of the easiests folds for a pocket square. The clean-cut look of this type of fold is best suited for solid color pocket squares. It is also a more formal type of fold that is a perfect fit for black tie attire consisting of tuxedo and black bow tie.

  1. Lay the pocket square on a flat surface and straighten it with your hands
  2. Fold the pocket square in the middle
  3. Fold the pocket square in. How much you want to fold in depends on how deep your breast pocket is. The pocket square should stick about 1/4 to 1/2 inches out of the pocket.