Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Knit Tie - Spring Essential

With spring comes the idea of new beginnings, rebirth, and this spring is the rebirth of the knit tie. Well, that's not true as the knit tie has never really gone away. It has always been an essential part of a Prepsters wardrobe. And it was also shown in a lot of collections in the fall of 2010. I got my first for Xmas just this year. I never really liked them with the square bottom. I found an English company, T.M Lewin, who makes them with a traditional tie bottom. I put it on my list, black knit tie, and sure enough Santa Claus brought me one and I LOVE IT!! I could wear it everyday. I love the knot it ties and I love the way it feels but most of all, I love the way it looks. You can wear it with anything, a suit, sport coat and jeans or a denim shirt. It's dressy and casual all at the same time. So if you're looking to update for spring and you want to do it inexpensively, try a knit tie on for size.

                                                             Black Knitted Silk Tie - 27097, , original

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